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Title: Ayame Tsutakawa Interview II
Narrator: Ayame Tsutakawa
Interviewer: Tracy Lai
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: June 5, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-tayame-02-0015

<Begin Segment 15>

TL: Well, before we talk more about meeting him and your eventual marriage, could you tell me about moving into the apartment. Specifically I'm wondering about what kinds of items you had in storage and whether you had to buy a lot of new things. You mentioned there were some things that had given been given to the wine salesman and whether you could recover any of that.

AT: The furnitures, most of the nice furnitures we had before evacuated, there was this wine salesman and he says, "Oh, I'll keep all that for you and when you get back and I'll give it back to you so it will be safe and just leave it to us." And so Mother trusted him and when we return Mother found his phone number and called on him and he told us that his wife, he divorced his wife and the wife took all the furniture and everything with her. And I was too busy with new restaurant and all so I didn't hear anything more about it, but we stayed in this apartment for some time.

TL: So what kinds of things had been put in the Beacon's Storage?

AT: They were just my kimonos. I had many, many kimonos for my dance and, of course, my mother was always making more excuse to buy my kimonos. I think she was enjoying it too because she didn't have these kind of things when she was growing up. So there was two tansu and one cedar chest at the Beacon Storage and cedar chest was sent to Tule Lake because I needed kimonos for my performance.

TL: And the tansu, they were also filled with kimono?

AT: Yes.

TL: But they were safe and you were able to get them out of storage and put them in the apartment?

AT: Yes.

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