baka: Fool; abbreviated version of bakatare.

bakatare: Fool.

banzai: Hurrah; hurray.

bento: Lunch; a box lunch.

brah: A Hawaiian term for brother.

Buddhahead: A Hawaiian term for a Japanese American from Hawaii; also can refer to a Japanese American in general.

bugga(s): Person; whole group (positive term, can be modified, but only used by Hawaiians).

Chosen: Korea.

Domo arigato ne: Thank you very much.

dorobo: Thief, robber.

Hai. Wakarimasu yo: Yes. I do understand.

hakujin: Caucasian(s).

haole: A Hawaiian term for Caucasian(s).

Issei: First-generation Japanese immigrant in America.

Kagoshima-go: Refers to the dialect of Japanese spoken in Kagoshima prefecture, Japan.

kamisama: God; the almighty; (Shinto).

kotonk: A Hawaiian derogatory term for Japanese Americans from the mainland United States whose head is hollow and when struck would make the sound "kotonk".

Kenjinkai: Association of people who came from the same prefecture.

Nihongo o wakarimasu ka?: Do you understand Japanese?

Nihongo: Japanese language.

Nihonjin: Japanese person(s).

Nisei: American-born children of Japanese immigrants; second-generation Japanese American.

onegai shimasu yo: We are requesting.

ono: A Hawaiian term for big hearted and self-sacrificing.

pupuli head: A Hawaiian term for nut head.

Sansei: American-born grandchildren of Japanese immigrants; third-generation Japanese American.

sashimi: Thin slices of raw fish.

sho ga nai: It can't be helped; There's nothing one can do.

sumanai ne: I beg your pardon.

Tennoheika: His majesty the reigning Emperor.

umeboshi: Pickled plum.

yamato damashi: The Japanese spirit; faithfulness to one's homeland, often in reference to Japan. In this case, to one's homeland (USA)

Yokatta. Yokatta. Nihongo o hanashite, wakari yoni narimashita: How fortunate. How good. We spoke Japanese and it was understood.

yon yon ni: Literally four four two, (used as a regimental password).