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Title: Nobu Suzuki Interview II
Narrator: Nobu Suzuki
Interviewer: Dee Goto
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: June 11, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-snobu-02-0001

<Begin Segment 1>

DG: So today is June the 11th and we were here last week, and this is the second part of an interview here with you, Nobu. We talked about your life and your activities up through your being in Minidoka camp. So let's take it from there.

NS: Did I go into activities in the camp?

DG: Yes. Uh-huh.

NS: I had an appendectomy while I was in camp, and just as I was recovering, the YWCA leaders decided to come through camp. Did I go into that?

DG: Yes. You did mention that. Let's talk a little bit about the medical facilities since you had your appendectomy.

NS: Oh. Well, I had an attack and so I went into the hospital. And, of course, my husband, being the doctor, did the appendectomy...

DG: And you did it there?

NS: And I did it right there at Minidoka.

DG: So they had all the equipment for operations and anesthesia?

NS: I think they did by the time I was there. It was in February or so, and so camp was open for about...

DG: Nine months or so?

NS: No. We went there the first of September, so about five months, uh-huh, five or six months.

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