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Title: Nobu Suzuki Interview I
Narrator: Nobu Suzuki
Interviewer: Dee Goto
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: June 3, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-snobu-01-0035

<Begin Segment 35>

DG: So you had a list of items and you were requesting of the different YWCA groups from all around Portland and Seattle, right?

NS: Yes, I probably did.

DG: But the WRA bought a hotel in, was it at Twin Falls? And so then there was a lot of furniture that the WRA provided after all? You don't remember that? I'm not sure about that. I think there was some note about that. In your own handwriting -- now, most of these letters were typewritten so did you take your own typewriter to camp?

NS: Uh-huh. I probably did have my type -- typewriter. Yes, because I always typed whenever I could.

DG: But there was a series of handwritten pages when you were describing this get-together with the white girls and you thought it was wonderful.

NS: Oh.

DG: Do you remember -- and at the end, Suzie Takimoto sings, "Thanks to God," and it sounded kind of touching?

NS: I don't remember, but...

DG: I think you were referring to the fact that they were craving more intermingling into the community, 'cause here they were behind...

NS: Barbed wire.

DG: ...and this was their first chance to have this inter...

NS: Interrelationships, yeah. And so I was writing probably to Twin Falls YWCA and some of the others. Could be.

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