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Title: Rick Sato Interview
Narrator: Rick Sato
Interviewer: Alice Ito
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: March 2, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-srick-01-0010

<Begin Segment 10>

AI: So it was pretty bad out there, those summer months, and then, then what, let's see maybe it would have been becoming fall, did they start up any kind of program, like school program at that time?

RS: Well yes, they had school there starting in the fall, just like being on the outside. Although I'd been, I was in and out, so sometimes I'd come back late before school start. And I had to go out, because I needed some spending money, so I went out. So I didn't get too much schooling there.

AI: Let's see, so even though you were in the ninth grade and you were doing some schoolwork...

RS: Mm hmm.

AI: You had a job at the same time then, there in camp.

RS: Yeah, we had, I had a job there. I was a grease monkey there at twelve dollars a month. [Laughs]

AI: What kinds of things did you do?

RS: Well, I just greased the equipment out there, what they used for farm and for logging, and trucks to run around the camp and all that. I just was greasing those things.

AI: And there was logging out there, logging operations?

RS: Yeah, my brother worked in the logging there. I can't remember what they called that, but they had a logging there, the lumber to be used in the camp, for whatever reason.

AI: And did you other brothers and sister have jobs too?

RS: Ah, I don't know if my sister ever worked or not, but she could have worked in the mess hall. I know my mother did, just to get some spending money, again.

AI: What about your Dad, did he have a job?

RS: I don't think my Dad worked at all, because well, twelve dollars a month...well, [Laughs] working for nothing. But better than nothing I should say.

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