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Title: Toru Sakahara - Kiyo Sakahara Interview II
Narrator: Toru Sakahara, Kiyo Sakahara
Interviewer: Dee Goto
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: February 27, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-storu_g-02-0032

<Begin Segment 32>

DG: So then after you joined JACL in the '40s, I mean you reactivated it. There wasn't a lot going on until that happened?

KS: I would say... well, there was the evacuation claims that needed to be...

DG: Was there some activity there?

KS: I think that JACL is the ones that provided the office space for people to come and get their forms and get them processed and...

DG: And you were president in what year?

KS: '57?

TS: Well I had that joint committee in late '40s, as Chapter President sometime in '57, as Northwest District Council Chairman in '62. That was a two year term. National vice, second vice president in...

KS: That was in '61.

TS: In '62.

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