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Title: Fumiko M. Noji Interview
Narrator: Fumiko M. Noji
Interviewer: Dee Goto
Location: Bellevue, Washington
Date: April 22, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-nfumiko-01-0017

<Begin Segment 17>

DG: And so your, did you live the whole time with your mother-in-law and father-in-law?

FN: Well, well my father-in-law went back to Japan, to, and he lived back there, somewhere...

DG: And your mother-in-law stayed with you?

FN: Mother, mother-in-law stayed with me and she went, and she evacuated with us. She was with us until, I shouldn't say, written down the date when she passed away. But she was with us during the war years too, so...

DG: And then your husband had a sister and a brother?

FN: Had a sister and a brother that had a nervous breakdown and he stayed, he stayed with us. He, he was with, he went, he studied in Europe and, and graduated Massachusetts Tech and he went to Europe for a couple years. He was, he was a quite an artist. And, and then he, he just had to come back to New York and then he, he was working for a while but the job got to be too much for him and he had a nervous breakdown and so he came. He had to come back and live with us. And that was... right, not too many years before the war started, but...

DG: And then how long.

FN: But see, by that time the sister had gone to Japan with Mother earlier and then Mother came back but the sister stayed over there. So that was just the mother that and the grandmother had, the grandmother was... She was one of the bent older ladies in the, a lot of the younger Japanese. The children wanted to come over to see her because they had never seen an older Japanese before. In those days the Japanese, maybe she was only in her seventies but she was, she looked like to us, she really looked old.

DG: Is this back in Shigaken?

FN: Huh?

DG: Is this back in Shigaken?

FN: No here.

DG: Oh, you mean your mother-in-law you're talking about.

FN: No, my mother-in-law's mother.

DG: Oh, she was here still.

FN: They brought the grandma over to Japan, I mean to America. And so that, that's what I married into. [Laughs] She was, she was, my, her, my sister-in-law would speak in English and talking and she would come up to us. She'd make, she would get so mad and say, "You two are always," -- she'd say it in Japanese -- "You two are always talking about me. We thought it was so funny. We weren't saying anything bad about her. But...

DG: But you continued to speak English.

FN: Yeah, we continued to speak English because I, I really didn't speak much Japanese at all.

DG: Well your husband, you said, spoke English.

FN: Oh, yeah.

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