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Title: Richard Murakami Interview
Narrator: Richard Murakami
Interviewer: Dee Goto
Location: South Bend, Washington
Date: May 12, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-mrichard-01-0035

<Begin Segment 35>

DG: Now, you met your wife. Where along here did you meet her?

RM: Well, it was in camp anyway, Tule Lake, and I forget just what...

DG: Okay. You were a young man about twenty-four years old.

RM: Something like that, yeah.

DG: And must have been a lot of pretty girls.

RM: Yeah.

DG: You met your wife where?

RM: At what occasion?

DG: Uh-huh.

RM: Well, I forgot exactly what the occasion was. Some kind of a doings, you know.

DG: A social.

RM: Social, yeah, social doing. I forgot exactly what it was.

DG: And how long was it before you got married? Because you weren't there that long.

RM: I think it wasn't too long, yeah. We got married and left for Chicago and...

<End Segment 35> - Copyright © 1998 Densho. All Rights Reserved.