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Title: Richard Murakami Interview
Narrator: Richard Murakami
Interviewer: Dee Goto
Location: South Bend, Washington
Date: May 12, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-mrichard-01-0034

<Begin Segment 34>

DG: Okay, so then you went to Tule Lake.

RM: Uh-huh.

DG: And where did you work?

RM: First I worked in the warehouse and then I became an assistant to the head guy there in the warehouse. And he was taking a lot of stuff, sell it to the black market and he wanted me to do it too and I told him, "Nothing doing. If you're gonna to do that, I'm quittin'," and he fired me. So I wouldn't participate in something like that.

DG: So then you went to work for the...

RM: Yeah, hospital. And I was doin' the head accountant there, and then they promoted me to business agent. Yeah.

DG: And you even got a commendation or something.

RM: Yeah. They -- I think back in Washington, D.C. somebody wrote a letter said how good I was doing.

DG: Now, one other -- something else that I forgot to establish earlier is that, did you take accounting when you went to the university?

RM: Well, I took some, yeah.

DG: And that's why you were so good at all this accounting.

RM: Well, I liked accounting.

DG: And you liked that. 'Cause it seems like wherever you went, you sort of took care the books.

RM: Yeah, more or less, sure.

DG: And took care of books and sort of managed.

RM: Yeah.

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