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Title: Hubert Yoshida Interview
Narrator: Hubert Yoshida
Interviewer: Tom Ikeda
Location: Emeryville, California
Date: April 7, 2022
Densho ID: ddr-densho-1000-506-13

<Begin Segment 13>

TI: Before we move on from Poston, any other stories that you kind of, the family folklore about Poston? Oh, I know what I wanted to talk about. And you were just talking about this earlier, you had essentially quite a few cousins around your age during Poston. You were talking about how much fun that was and so there was, you had your older brother Victor, you had, kind of about his age you had David and Esther, who were about that same age. You also had Larry...

HY: Yeah, who was a baby then.

TI: Baby, and then you. Am I forgetting anyone else? Was that pretty much the kids that...

HY: No, there were other kids around that we played with, and I don't remember their names or anything. I don't think they were related.

TI: So what can you remember playing? What kind of things did you do to play?

HY: Just... they built a swimming pool there, I remember, although I didn't learn how to swim at that time, because I was still three, four. I don't know, just messing around. I don't remember much. There was one kind of an embarrassing thing. I mean, I was about three or four, I kind of had an accident. And I was upset by that, and I was going to run away. You know, here we're in a prison camp, and I was going to run away from home because I was so embarrassed by all this. But my cousin Esther told my aunt, and she came and she cleaned me up and I went home. But then I just got kind of a funny thought, I guess, that I was going to run away from home. [Laughs]

TI: But it's also kind of a nice story that your cousin Esther was looking out for you.

HY: Yeah, that was it. I mean, everybody looked out for each other.

TI: And so, in some ways, it sounds like the camp experience may have made you a little bit closer to your cousins.

HY: Right, yeah. Because I hadn't known them before, and after we left camp, of course, we separated and didn't see each other again until we were back in high school.

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