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Title: Tom Matsuoka Interview
Narrator: Tom Matsuoka
Interviewer: Alice Ito
Location: Ridgefield, Washington
Date: May 7, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-mtom-01-0012

<Begin Segment 12>

TM: So we quit in the National so came to the Seattle. And, by gosh, I was pretty lucky. When I came to Seattle, I found a job right away at Seattle Parlor Furniture Factory and that's where I had a job.

AI: What was your job there at the furniture factory?

TM: Factory? Well, this factory is a place is pretty close to Fort Lawton and you have to cross, and below the Queen Anne Hill, cross Interbay car, car factory or something there. This side of Ballard. You have to cross the bridge over there in Interbay, I think. Well, this factory is owned, owned by Mr. Maeda and one Mr. Kanno. And Mr. Hayase must have been a little bit stuck in that company, too. But, anyway, very cheap furniture we used to make. Not, not expensive furniture, chiffoniere, dressing table, breakfast table, those kind of stuff. Oh, yeah, some bed and the chair. Chair, I think we just set up, I think. We just -- I'm pretty sure they bring knock down stuff and we set up those chair. I think that's what it was, but others we have to start from scratch. And Mr. Maeda goes to buy the lumber and sawmill brings the lumber. Then they had dry room and dryer, and they put them into the dryer and dried up those lumber and then start to make furniture again. Yeah. Piece by piece, had to glue together. Some is 1 x 4, some is 1 x 6, and odds and end. Just what Mr. Maeda buy those. And if you, for the furniture top or table top, those is you have to glue together and go through a planer and plane off both side. Then big sander, then sand off both sides. Then measure, cut, and that's, must be that's pretty good, pretty good business, I think, because Mr. Maeda, originally he start from Jackson Furniture then Jackson Furniture is Mr. Hidaka and Mr. Miyamoto, I think it was, was together running and Mr. Maeda was work for these people and Mr. Maeda's job was repair, I think. I guess he had idea that, well, if he did repair, might as well start a small factory. So he start this furniture factory. At time I was working, was quite a few furniture a day, quite a few people was working there. And one day...

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