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Title: June Yasuno Aochi (Yamashiro) Berk Interview
Narrator: June Yasuno Aochi (Yamashiro) Berk
Interviewer: Brian Niiya
Location: Studio City, California
Date: December 18, 2018
Densho ID: ddr-densho-1000-453-8

<Begin Segment 8>

BN: Before we continue, I wanted to go back to something you mentioned earlier, which was how you, rather than being removed from Hollywood, you wanted to kind of be taken from Little Tokyo so that these groups would go together. How logistically did you do that? Did you physically move?

JB: No, you just signed up and used somebody else's address. I think we probably used Hamanos' address.

BN: So you were actually still living in Hollywood?

JB: Yes.

BN: But you got the notice to go off with the Little Tokyo people, so you just then moved all your belongings.

JB: We just met them at the bus stop, I guess.

BN: In Little Tokyo.

JB: Uh-huh.

BN: Do you remember which, you probably don't remember which exclusion order, but which, were you met, or were you at the departure point?

JB: Yeah, we were just saying, so many of us, my girlfriends and myself, too, we can't remember how we got from our home to the bus or the train station. I remember the bus ride and my friends will remember the train ride, but somehow we've drawn a blank on how we left our house to go to the bus stop.

BN: Especially because you're going a good distance now, because you're not going from...

JB: Right, and you must be saying goodbye to your house.

BN: Do you remember if, by doing that, did you leave before the people in Hollywood?

JB: Yeah, they left and went to Pomona. So we're thinking, my brothers and I were thinking maybe somebody from the neighborhood, our friends from the neighborhood took us to the bus stop, because we were leaving before them.

BN: So your neighborhood friends went to Pomona and then to...

JB: Heart Mountain. So all of the Hollywood Virgil District people went to, we were separated.

BN: You're probably too young, but did you know of John Aiso? He was Hollywood.

JB: I don't know him.

BN: Because he was significantly older.

JB: Right. And I think even like the Fujiokas, I know the name, but I didn't know them personally.

BN: Probably your oldest brother might know.

JB: Everyone sort of seemed to know each other, the families. I was too young.

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