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Title: Sadaichi Kubota Interview
Narrator: Sadaichi Kubota
Interviewer: Tom Ikeda
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Date: July 1, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-ksadaichi-01-0003

<Begin Segment 3>

TI: Well, when you think about your childhood versus your grandchildren and growing up in Hawaii today, do you think your childhood was, was a better place to grow up as child than today?

SK: Yes. When you say meeting people, building characters, and stuff like that, I think our time was a better time. Nowadays, 'cause you have your TVs and other medias to learn from, but... what do you call it now? It's too artificial, I think, now, but during the old days, our parents were strict, of course, and you followed the line and don't waver and stuff like that. So by comparison, I think we had a better life although it was hard on us. For instance, our grandchildren, we just dote on them. We give them whatever they want -- [laughs] -- things like that. We never had that.

TI: So when you think about that, that now your grandchildren get so much, do you think it should be different for them? Do you think sometimes it might be better to maybe bring them to Hilo or raise them there, or a simpler life and less artificial things?

SK: No, no. I think it's better for them to live here. They'll get more information, and to live a life that we lived, I don't think it's (good) for them anymore because science has progressed and everything has gone far beyond what we had. So I believe for our children, our grandchildren, to live in such a place as Honolulu it (would) be good, I guess.

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