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Title: Sadaichi Kubota Interview
Narrator: Sadaichi Kubota
Interviewer: Tom Ikeda
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Date: July 1, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-ksadaichi-01-0013

<Begin Segment 13>

SK: And my brother was in Honolulu working. When I enlisted, I wrote (...) my brother (to say), because I enlisted, "Please stay back. We are only two in the family, two boys in the family, so will you please stay back? I've enlisted." He sent me the same type of letter. [Laughs]

TI: At the same time?

SK: Same time. I guess our letters crossed. He told me to stay home because he enlisted, but we ended up in the same battalion. I was with 3rd Battalion. I was with I Company and he was with L Company, but the way we parted is that after our basic training, there was a team from Fort Snelling that came down and interviewed those of us who had Japanese language training. To that team I said, "No, I'd rather stay with my boys here," and I guess I was... I guess I was a staff sergeant at that time already, so my brother came up to me and (said), "What shall I do? They've asked me to go up to Fort Snelling." I said, "Personally I would rather you get away from 3rd Battalion. I don't want to see you here. I would rather you go to be one of the MIS members because at least" -- what do you say? Out of sight, out of mind or out of mind, out of sight. My reasoning is that we're in the same battalion. I, K and L will be fighting together. If he were in combat with me at the same time, I would be constantly worried about my brother so this is the reason I said, "I would rather you go to wherever they will send you, but not be with me in the same place." So he said, "Yeah, I think that's best," so he joined the MIS group.

TI: Was it common for brothers to be in the 442 at the same time?

SK: Yes, uh-huh. There is the Oshiro brothers, I know, (these) are two brothers in the same company. Usually they'll separate the brothers, you see, but these Oshiro brothers were in the same company, the same platoon also so that makes it (even) closer together. And I recall this incident where one brother was killed, and this other brother went berserk. He ran towards the enemy, but his buddies had to tackle him and keep him down because I guess yake inside, so angry that whatever source that killed him, he was going to kill them also. But it's a good thing. One brother got killed, but he survived, but I remember his buddies telling me they had to literally hold him down so that he won't get away to attack the enemy.

TI: Yeah. It must have been very difficult to see your brother.

SK: Very difficult, yeah.

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