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Title: Yone Bartholomew Interview I
Narrator: Yone Bartholomew
Interviewer: Tracy Lai
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: May 1, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-byone-01-0001

<Begin Segment 1>

TL: Today is Friday, May 1st, 1998, and it's part one of our interview. Could you start by giving your full name, including your maiden name?

YB: My present (name) is Yone Vivian Bartholomew. Previously I was married to Clarence T. Arai. And then my maiden name was Yone Utsunomiya.

TL: Okay. Could you tell me about your parents, their names and when they came to the United States?

YB: My birth parents, Father was Fujitaro Utsunomiya and Mother was Toyo Utsunomiya. And they came here, I know, shortly before I was born, which would be about 1905 or another year earlier. Father was employed at the sugar beet factory, where he was very fortunate to be able to help employ other Japanese who were in need of employment at that time.

TL: Did he already know someone in the area? Or...?

YB: Not that I know of. Unless he just came there, knowing that he, seeking for employment and knew that he would get some sort of employment there.

TL: So you were born what city or town?

YB: I was born in Betteravia [Inaudible] actually. [Laughs] It doesn't exist there anymore, but it's nearby Santa Maria.

TL: Okay. Did your parents intend to return to Japan or did, were they seeking a new home to settle into?

YB: I think at that time they had no intention of returning, but seeking a new home and raising a family there.

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