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Title: Nancy Shimotsu Interview
Narrator: Nancy Shimotsu
Interviewer: Sharon Yamato
Location: Los Angeles, California
Date: February 7, 2012
Densho ID: denshovh-snancy-01-0021

<Begin Segment 21>

SY: And how many hours a day did you do this?

NS: All day, eight hours. She was there eight hour.

SY: So you would walk there in the morning and come back at night?

NS: Uh-huh.

SY: And how did they treat you?

NS: Oh, nice, they were nice. They were happy that I was taking care of the baby. Every time the baby, every time I have to go home, the baby would cry 'cause I'm going home. They would say, "No, you cannot go, Honey. She'll be back again." And baby would cry and cry and cry. Little Richard would cry and cry. "Bye, bye," he would cry and he won't say goodbye to me. I remember that. [Laughs]

SY: So you never went to school...

NS: After that.

SY: In camp?

NS: No. I was graduated high school.

SY: So you didn't know him as a principal.

NS: No, no.

SY: But he was --

NS: He taught the Japanese kids.

SY: And did other people like him?

NS: Oh, yeah, he was nice to the kids.

SY: He was a popular principal?

NS: Oh, yeah, he was real popular.

SY: And so he paid you separately for this?

NS: Oh, yeah. I forgot how much it was, not much. I forgot.

SY: You got paid, so you were getting paid in the mess hall as the diet tech, or did you --

NS: Oh, in the mess hall? That was diet tech, yes. I got fifteen dollar, I told you.

SY: So then did you, were you still working as a diet tech when you babysat?

NS: No, no, I was a babysitter. They paid me. I mean, their own money, the ones that babysit. I think it was ten dollar a week or something like that, I forgot.

SY: So you left the other job as a diet tech.

NS: Yeah, yeah. I mean, they didn't need it and they wanted babysitter.

SY: So you took that on instead.

NS: Yeah, yeah.

SY: And that was, did you like that better?

NS: Oh, yeah, it's easy. Easy job to watch the baby.

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