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Title: Hy Shishino Interview
Narrator: Hy Shishino
Interviewer: Sharon Yamato
Location: Cerritos, California
Date: January 31, 2012
Densho ID: denshovh-shy-01-0027

<Begin Segment 27>

SY: So what attracted you to the JACL? Was it just the, what was it about the...

HS: It was social. All of us, what was it, once a month, we'd go there, they'd have a monthly meeting. But that area, why, there's just a lot of new people there.

SY: So the southwest area is the area that you grew up in kind of, that...

HS: Pretty close. The Seinan area, and then living close by there, but a lot of the friends either in the Seinan or the Olympic area, so you had friends all around.

SY: So did you make a lot of new friends in addition to the ones you knew already?

HS: We, I made a lot of new friends because, joining the Southwest JACL, why, then it was all the ones that lived in that area.

SY: And what are some of the other things that you did, aside from working? Were you, what else were you involved with?

HS: Not too much stuff, social or anything like that. But 1950, through the JACL guys that I met, one of my friends, Dick Fujioka, he was pretty well known in JACL's activities in Los Angeles, but anyway, he invited me to one of the activities. There was twenty-five members and it was a club called the Quixotics, and their theme was "in search of the impossible dream." Means finding the right girl. [Laughs] But one of the guys was an artist, and he wrote, like a Don Quixote, so he's a wolf with a hat on, and it says, "In search of the impossible dream." It was good. But I joined that in 1950.

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