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Title: Robert T. Ohashi Interview
Narrator: Robert T. Ohashi
Interviewer: Tom Ikeda
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: June 29, 2011
Densho ID: denshovh-orobert_2-01-0018

<Begin Segment 18>

TI: Okay, so from Minidoka you went to Emmett, Idaho, which, so you were in Minidoka, or Hunt, Idaho, so was this pretty close by?

RO: No. It was in, near Boise.

TI: Okay, so it was, it was...

RO: It was a ways.

TI: But going back to your father, when he was released from the Department of Justice camp and then went to the Minidoka camp, when you saw him, any differences from your father in terms of physical appearance or demeanor or anything like that?

RO: No, he was fine. It was nice to have him back, naturally. (Yes). But he's the one who decided that we were going back to Ketchikan.

TI: And so this, the stay in Idaho in this fruit farm was short.

RO: Very short. Very short.

TI: And he really wanted to get back to Ketchikan.

RO: (Yes). You know who welcomed us back first? The police chief of Ketchikan.

TI: And describe that. How did he welcome you guys back?

RO: Just to say, "We're glad to have you back," you know.

TI: And what did that mean to you that the police chief came and welcomed you?

RO: I thought that was very special, really.

TI: 'Cause it really, I think, when you, here you have the most important law enforcement person to, just to...

RO: Exactly. More or less thinking that he believed in what happened. But his son was my classmate. Leland Daniels, Marian.

TI: And how was the reception for you when you got back to Ketchikan?

RO: To school?

TI: Yeah, your friends and things like that.

RO: It was fine. It was fine.

TI: Did anyone, were they curious about what it was like and did they, did you...

RO: I can't remember talking about camp to any of them, actually.

TI: 'Cause I would think for many of them, if they were like you, they had never really left Ketchikan, so it was like you were on this big journey in terms of Seattle, Idaho, and then back to Ketchikan.

RO: Well, something I couldn't prohibit. Well, being able to work when we were in camp, out of the camp is sort of nice in a way. We got to see parts of Idaho. But I don't think we were actually paid that well, which was obviously a reason.

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