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Title: Atsumi Ozawa Interview
Narrator: Atsumi Ozawa
Interviewer: Tom Ikeda
Location: Skokie, Illinois
Date: June 17, 2011
Densho ID: denshovh-oatsumi-01-0008

<Begin Segment 8>

TI: So now your father's in Lima in jail. Then what happens next?

AO: Oh, and then, at the time, we were sure we knew we were gonna (be sent) to United States, we were gonna be deported.

TI: So you knew this already.

AO: Yeah, when my father was in jail.

TI: So how did you know that? How did the word come to you that the whole family was going to also be picked up?

AO: Well, already it was happening. Already it was happening to other families.

TI: And so what did your family do to get ready, knowing that you were going to be picked up?

AO: Oh, it was very short time. I remember it was very short time, maybe, I don't know, it was week or something, we got ready real quick. And then, at the time, my brother-in-law, he was married to my older sister, so he used to work for my dad and he used leave Huancayo. So with the help of him, we got ready and we took the train to go to Lima and Callao and the port to meet my dad.

TI: Oh, so you went there to meet, so the police didn't pick you up, you just went to go meet them.

AO: Yeah, uh-huh. Actually, it was only my... they wanted just my father but we were so young and so my mom probably decided to follow my dad.

TI: Okay, so who in your family went?

AO: Okay, my family, see, my older two sisters, they were married already, so they didn't have to go.

TI: Okay, Aiko and Hiroko were...

AO: Yeah, Aiko and Hiroko.

TI: And so then there'd be the five younger ones, and you were the oldest.

AO: Yes.

TI: I see. And so then the five younger and your mother, and then...

AO: My grandmother.

TI: Your grandmother, too. And you said your mother was expecting?

AO: Expecting a baby.

TI: Was this was Chieko?

AO: No.

TI: This was another baby.

AO: Yeah.

TI: Okay, so your grandmother, this is your mother's mother?

AO: My mother's mother.

TI: And what happened to your grandfather?

AO: I think he passed away.

TI: Okay, so your grandmother, your mother, and then five children, and your mother is pregnant.

AO: Yes.

TI: Okay, and then you take the train to Lima and then to the port city Callao?

AO: Callao, the port was Callao.

TI: Okay, and then you there meet your father.

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