baishakunin: Go-between for arranged marriages; matchmaker.

inu: Literally "dog," a commonly used term for Japanese Americans who were perceived as being informants for the War Relocation Authority administration and other governmental authorities.

Issei: First-generation Japanese immigrant in America.

kenjinkai: Association of people who came from the same prefecture in Japan.

koden: A monetary offering to a departed spirit, a condolence gift, money given in honor of the memory of one who has died.

Kotonk: A Hawaiian derogatory term for Japanese Americans from the U.S. mainland.

Nisei: American-born children of Japanese immigrants; second-generation Japanese Americans.

Obon: The summer Bon festival, a Buddhist festival, which honors ancestors.

Sansei: American-born grandchildren of Japanese immigrants; third-generation Japanese Americans.

senkou: Incense stick.

Yonsei: American-born great-grandchildren of Japanese immigrants; fourth-generation Japanese American.