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Title: Frank Hiratsuka Interview
Narrator: Frank Hiratsuka
Interviewer: Tom Ikeda
Location: Skokie, Illinois
Date: June 15, 2011
Densho ID: denshovh-hfrank_2-01-0017

<Begin Segment 17>

TI: So let me just talk a little bit about your family. So you got married, we're gonna interview your wife next, but in terms of children, did you have children?

FH: We have one child.

TI: And what, what's...

FH: He's John.

TI: John, okay.

FH: John David.

TI: Good. So anything else you want to mention during the interview?

FH: Well, we have a step-grandson and then a grandson. The step-grandson is Tim Larson. That's from his wife's, who is, Diane Wagner is who she is. She was married to Larson and they had a child. Then he married Diane, so that's his stepson, step-grandson. He's twenty-three years old. He went to University of Arizona, and he teaches part time at a high school as a coach, basketball coach. He was in the basketball. And then our grandson is Nicholas. He's twelve years old, still in grammar school.

TI: Good. Now, if Nicholas, who's twelve, asked you, "So Grandpa, what, how would you describe your life?" how would, what would you tell them, in terms of, or if he asked, "So Grandpa, what's important, if he learned about your story and all the things that you went through, what are, what's important to you?" What's...

FH: Well, I think family. Margaret. Basically Margaret. She's held the whole thing together.

TI: Yeah, it seemed like family's been a really strong constant in your life throughout, even though you had to move around a lot, you had your family and all your uncles.

FH: Yeah, most of the time at least I was with my parents.

TI: Okay. Well, that's, that's the end of my questions. And so it wasn't that bad, was it? [Laughs] You were worried about it.

Off camera: Tell him where you worked. You didn't just work for Walgreen's.

TI: Yeah, okay. So tell me more about your work.

FH: My work? Well, I worked for Walgreen's, and then I had my own store, and then I worked for Gazelle's in Highland Park, and then I worked for the student health service, I was pharmacy director of student health service at Northwestern University, on the campus at Northwestern. Then I retired.

TI: And of your career, what were some of the things that kind of stand up for you? Is there anything that you really enjoyed in terms of your work? Anything that stood out?

FH: Well, really enjoyed, I enjoyed student health service, except towards the end when we had a different administrator come in, but up to that time it was fine.

TI: And what was it about, when you enjoyed student health services, what, why did you like that so much?

FH: The people were nice to work with. You sort of look forward to going every day. You don't mind, you didn't dread going to work. You enjoyed it.

TI: And helping lots of young people, students.

FH: Yeah, and you meet the young people and talk to them.

TI: Good. So Frank, thank you so much for doing this interview. This was, this was good. This was real interesting.

FH: Okay. Well, glad to help Jean.

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