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Title: Frank Hiratsuka Interview
Narrator: Frank Hiratsuka
Interviewer: Tom Ikeda
Location: Skokie, Illinois
Date: June 15, 2011
Densho ID: denshovh-hfrank_2-01-0015

<Begin Segment 15>

TI: And now we're towards, is this, has the war ended at this point, or is it just about ready to end?

FH: Just about. I think the European war was over, but the... yeah, I keep forgetting when. Must, must've been over, because by the time I went to Hawaii there was no trouble with them. Only thing is I couldn't go to the other islands when I was stationed in Honolulu, and they said because, must've been the war then, but I can't figure out why they wouldn't let me go. They said the transportation is difficult or something. I wanted to go see my aunt's family, and they were Maui and we were on Oahu, but they said I couldn't go.

TI: So describe your, the work you did in Hawaii.

FH: We gave physicals for people coming and going, going into service and leaving service.

TI: Now, how was it for you, because in Hawaii, in Honolulu there's a large Japanese and Japanese American population, and so what was that like for you? Did you go out and do a lot...

FH: No, I would go over and visit my aunt's family, my aunt's sister, whenever I could get over there. They lived on Oahu, so they had a nice little place.

TI: So it was doing that and then staying on base and doing your work.

FH: Yeah, then go around. I had access to transportation. I could get the jeep when I needed one, so we'd go out.

TI: Any other memories or good stories about Hawaii, Honolulu?

FH: Well, my aunt's brother-in-law worked for the -- must've been over because he was home from the 100th, he was with the 442nd, and he was in charge of the bookstore at the University of Hawaii, so I'd go visit. That's the sister that I would visit. I would see him, too.

TI: Did he talk much about Europe, when he was in Europe?

FH: No. It never came up.

TI: And then how long did you stay in Hawaii?

FH: When did I get out? Forgot when I got out. I got to peek at my notes here. Let me see now, November '46 I got out.

TI: You're discharged.

FH: November 1, '46. Came back to the States. We were there for about a week.

TI: And so after you're discharged where did you go?

FH: Home. Morton Grove.

TI: Morton Grove.

FH: Yeah.

TI: And so your parents are still there working?

FH: Still there, oh yeah.

TI: And so what did you do?

FH: Well, I helped, and then I got a job at the, at the pharmacy in town. I worked for this old fellow, Sheridan, Doc Sheridan, they called him, the drugstore in Morton Grove. So I used to help there. Mostly it was part time.

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