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Title: Marshall M. Sumida Interview
Narrator: Marshall M. Sumida
Interviewer: Martha Nakagawa
Location: San Francisco, California
Date: April 8, 2011
Densho ID: denshovh-smarshall-01-0012

<Begin Segment 12>

MN: Now, from Santa Anita, how did you get to Rohwer?

MS: By railroad.

MN: What do you remember of the train ride?

MS: Dirty. [Laughs]

MN: Did people sleep on the floor?

MS: No, they slept on the chairs, seats.

MN: What about the soldiers on the train? How did they treat you?

MS: Indifferently. They were, I think they were just as mad as we were that we were treated so harshly. I mean, that's my imagination. I'm not too sure.

MN: Did you eat your meals in a separate car?

MS: What?

MN: Did you eat your meals in a separate car?

MS: I don't remember. I think so, yeah.

MN: Do you remember who served you?

MS: No, I don't. I don't, no, I don't remember.

MN: Do you remember how long it took to get to Rohwer?

MS: Yeah, about, about a week or so.

MN: How did your mother take the train ride?

MS: She was worried about the kids, I guess.

MN: When you got to Arkansas, did you get off the train and onto a bus?

MS: No, the train parked right side of the, right side of the camp.

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