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Title: Louise Kashino Interview
Narrator: Louise Kashino
Interviewer: Alice Ito
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: March 15, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-klouise-01-0008

<Begin Segment 8>

AI: And then, tell me a little bit more about high school times, because I know for a lot of folks, high school time is, you want to fit in and you want to kind of be a part of what everyone else is doing. Did you have a sense, did you have like a circle of friends, like kind of a crowd that you would...

LK: Yes, I slowly built up some friends and then I had friends that I'd met from before, when we, before we moved to the grocery store and I got reacquainted with. Or some of them I had continued a relationship, but one of my friends is, I knew her from when she was, she and I were three. We lived next door to each other and always maintained a friendship with her and today she's still one of my best friends.

AI: Oh, my.

LK: My husband said, "How can you remember when you were three?" And I said, "I distinctly remember her," you know.

AI: Right.

LK: Things that we did together.

AI: It stayed with you.

LK: Uh-huh.

AI: Well, were most of your friends at this time other Japanese Americans, or did you have a mix of friends?

LK: I had a mix of friends because I had some friends from grade school, and one of them is a very special friend. When I went into camp she came out to visit me and things like that, and kept up correspondence.

AI: Oh, my.

LK: When I needed something, like I needed some clothing or something, I would write to her and she would purchase it and send it into the camp for me.

AI: Oh, wow, what a good friend.

LK: Yeah, she was a very good friend.

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