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Title: Hikaru Morohoshi Interview
Narrator: Hikaru Morohoshi
Interviewer: Martha Nakagawa
Location: Los Angeles, California
Date: September 2, 2010
Densho ID: denshovh-mhikaru-01-0001

<Begin Segment 1>

MN: Okay. Today is Thursday, September 2, 2010. We are at the Centenary United Methodist Church, we have here Hikaru John Morohoshi and Yoshi Asakura Morohoshi, and Dana Hoshide is on video. And I am interviewing, and I am Martha Nakagawa.

MN: Mr. Morohoshi, where were you born?

HM: Stockton, California, United States of America. Stockton.

MN: When were you born?

HM: 1915.

MN: 1915?

HM: October 4, 1915. Stockton, California, USA.

MN: You are the eldest son, right?

HM: Yes.

MN: Tsutomu was born after you, and --

HM: What?

MN: Tsutomu.

HM: I have an older sister.

MN: Do you have an older sister?

HM: Yes, one sister.

MN: Okay, so your sister, and Tsutomu --

HM: No, no. Not Tsutomu. Shohei.

MN: Shohei? Shohei, and who was born next?

HM: What?

MN: After Shohei. Who was born after Shohei?

HM: After Shohei... Tsutomu.

MN: And Takeshi was born after Tsutomu?

HM: Right, Takeshi.

MN: Miyako was born after Takeshi.

HM: No, Yachiyo.

MN: Yachiyo. Miyako was born after Yachiyo.

HM: Yes.

MN: Were Shohei, Tsutomu and Takeshi all born in San Leandro?

HM: I don't know where Shohei was born. He was born in the States, but I don't know where in the U.S. he was born. Toshiko, my elder sister, was born in the States, but I don't know exactly where she was born. Shohei was born after that. He was born in the States, but I don't know where.

MN: Tsutomu and Takeshi were born in San Leandro, weren't they?

HM: That's right. San Leandro.

MN: Yachiyo and Miyako were born in Japan, right?

HM: Yes, they were born in Japan.

MN: Which prefecture is your family from?

HM: What did you say?

MN: Which prefecture?

HM: Kanagawa Prefecture. Kanagawa.

MN: Kanagawa Prefecture.

HM: Prefecture, Kanagawa, Japan.

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