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Title: Terry Aratani - Fred Matsumura - Kenneth Okuma - Henry Bruno Yamada Interview
Narrators: Terry Aratani - Fred Matsumura - Kenneth Okuma - Henry Bruno Yamada
Interviewers: Matt Emery (primary), Tom Ikeda (secondary)
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Date: July 3, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-aterry_g-01-0009

<Begin Segment 9>

ME: For those of us that have not ever had combat experience, I would like to hear, if you would, from each of you, one of your most vivid memories on the battlefield that stands out in your mind.

KO: I was with the headquarters. I'll turn it over to Bruno.

HY: Well, there were a lotta experiences -- well, for me, not too bad because I was with the motor squad, which is in the rear of the line men. We're pretty safe compared to people on the front line. But we had some experiences. Like in the, in the Vosges Mountain, we had a barrage, and a friend of mine got killed, a guy from Hilo. And a guy who'll be here tonight, Champ Suzuki, he got hit on the leg. And we were all carried out. And I thought, "Oh, that was the end for us already." But gosh, several weeks later, we, were back on the front line. But we didn't participate in the rescue of the "Lost Battalion" because of that.

ME: You wanted to get back on the front lines as soon as possible, didn't you?

HY: Yeah. I really wanted -- but I was in a good hospital, a place called Plombiere LeBaine. I understand it was a rest area for Madam -- what's her name? -- Madam, I think the story -- she's in the storybook, anyway. Plombiere LeBaine. It was a, where they have a lotta hot springs. And I spent several days there.

ME: Because I think that --

TI: Something that -- oh, I'm sorry.

ME: No. Go ahead.

TI: I was thinking, I interviewed an L Company, and this was a Seattle boy. And he talked about the Seattle boys oftentimes getting together as a group, whenever there was a break. They would go from company to company. And the Seattle boys would --

HY: Oh, visit.

TI: Get together and go to town sometimes together. And Kash was sometimes with them.

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