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Title: Daniel Inouye Interview
Narrator: Sen. Daniel Inouye
Interviewers: Tom Ikeda (primary), Beverly Kashino (secondary)
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Date: June 30, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-idaniel-01-0002

<Begin Segment 2>

TI: Well, in thinking about Shiro, Shiro died last year and I know that he really wanted to come to this reunion in particular to see you and his other comrades. In his stead Bev and the family came. What thoughts do you have or words do you have for Bev and the rest of the family about her father?

DI: Well, I'm really sorry that he's not here with us for this reunion, which in all likelihood is our very last one, a national one. The companies will continue to have their annual gatherings, but when you consider that the average age of the men in the regiment must be at this moment about seventy-seven, five years from now the average age will be eighty-two. And according to statistics and the census, we don't live forever, so this may be our last gathering. But I'm certain Kash is happy wherever he is, because he obviously would be with his men.

TI: When you think about this being possibly the last national reunion, what would you like to see happen at this last reunion with the men?

DI: Nothing extraordinary because our work has been done. I think if we can leave this place knowing that the future is in good hands because in this convention you will note the active work of the sons and daughters, for example. I think that in and of itself should please us that for some, the work will continue, our message will be heard for generations to come. So we're going to have fun. We're not going to come forth and pass resolutions of massive importance, calling upon the Congress to pass this law, that law. We're not going to do those things. I think for the most part, the convention's highlights would be the company gatherings. Kash's company will get together, I Company will get together, K Company, E Company. And we'll be rehashing the war and the war will get bigger and bigger and the heroics get [Laughs] much more valorous.

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