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Title: George Fujimoto Interview
Narrator: George Fujimoto
Interviewer: Megan Asaka
Location: Denver, Colorado
Date: July 5, 2008
Densho ID: denshovh-fgeorge_2-01-0002

<Begin Segment 2>

MA: Okay, so you moved to Loveland, Colorado. And what type of work were your parents doing in Colorado?

GF: Well, what he'd done, he'd bought a cherry orchard in Loveland, Colorado and I'm not too sure how many acres he had. But from there he moved to Longmont, Colorado. And in Longmont we farmed a few years before moving to Ault, Colorado, and we farmed there.

MA: So was Ault pretty much where you stayed?

GF: Yeah, in that area.

MA: Okay. Can you describe the town of Ault and what, what it was like?

GF: Oh, town of Ault is just a small community, probably a one-horse town. And I don't know how to explain that, only it's real small town and it had a couple of drugstores and couple of grocery stores. So it was small.

MA: How many families were there?

GF: The Japanese families in that area?

MA: Yeah, the Japanese, uh-huh.

GF: I don't believe there was very many. Probably might have been about five or six families.

MA: So pretty small Japanese community?

GF: Yes. Right.

MA: And were they all involved in farming?

GF: Yes. They're all farming, uh-huh.

MA: So, what, what did your house and farm look like? Can you describe that in Ault? Like how big was your house and...

GF: Well, we had some small house... we did move a little bit, around, so we had some small houses and then we had some pretty large house, depending on, you know, the place, kind of farm we rented. And I believe it's probably... one of the largest house, we probably had about three bedrooms in the large house. The rest of 'em was pretty small, one and two bedroom homes.

MA: So how big, generally were, was your farm? Or was it one farm in Ault that you worked on ?

GF: Well, we rented, Dad rented some farms. Lots of it was anywhere from 80 acres on up. So if we rented two farm, that would be 160 acres. And so that's how it multiplied and I think the largest we had was, was three of 'em together so hundred and, I mean eighty plus three, that's two hundred and forty, right? That's, that's what we... about the size we had, the largest

MA: And your father was renting these farms?

GF: Yes, we were renting all of 'em.

MA: And that was because Japanese, at that time, couldn't own land?

GF: Well, that was one of the reasons, too. But that's... my dad never had that kind of money, I guess, so we rented.

MA: Who would you rent from? Who were the property owners?

GF: I don't remember their names anymore, they were all hakujin people.

MA: Uh-huh.

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