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Title: Mary Hirata Interview
Narrator: Mary Hirata
Interviewers: Beth Kawahara (primary), Alice Ito (secondary)
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: March 27, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-hmary-01-0002

<Begin Segment 2>

BK: So, from what your family can recollect, then he did work in Cashmere for a while.

MH: Not Cashmere, it was Leavenworth.

BK: Oh, in Leavenworth, and then over to...

MH: Yes.

BK: ...Wenatchee. You said that your mother was a picture bride.

MH: Right.

BK: Could you tell us more about that?

MH: Well, my father's friend was going to Japan to get his wife, and he had asked this man if he would find him a wife. So, he must have been thirty-two, I guess, because it was, Mom came in '13 and he came in 1900. So this man found my mother, and so they made arrangements for her to come over. She was saying that the one thing she remembers mostly about it was a lot of the ladies had gotten pictures of their future spouses when they were very young, and so when the boat docked in Tacoma, they were really upset, because here were these old men waiting for these young girls. My mother was much older, so it didn't bother her, and she knew what she was, where she was going, but she said she felt very sorry for some of the girls, because they were very young. And she said a lot of them just ran away.

BK: After seeing their husbands in person.

MH: Right. But Mom said she thought she lucked out, because Dad was there, and he was like he said he was, and so... and then he brought her to Wenatchee, and they were married in Tacoma. In fact, I used to have her wedding certificate, but I cannot find it.

BK: Oh, from...

MH: It's a big beautiful one, nothing like what they have today. [Laughs] I always wanted to frame it but I never did.

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