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Title: Fred Korematsu - Kathryn Korematsu Interview
Narrators: Fred Korematsu, Kathryn Korematsu
Interviewers: Lorraine Bannai (primary); Tetsuden Kashima (secondary)
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: May 14, 1996
Densho ID: denshovh-kfred_g-01-0007

<Begin Segment 7>

LB: I want to go back to when you and Kathryn met, you and your wife met. Did you tell Kathryn about your case? You met after the war and married after the war, right?

FK: Right.

LB: Did you tell her about your case, and what did you tell her?

FK: I don't know. I think one time I didn't have anything to talk about, and I sort of casually said that, you know, that my case has gone, have gone, been involved in the, in the evacuation. And she said, "Yes, I knew about it," so she knew about it.

LB: Really?

FK: Yeah.

LB: Were you afraid to tell her about it?

FK: No, it just didn't dawn on me. I... I figured it was more my business than hers for the time being, at that time. And it's something that I had to bring up, so that's the reason why I was hesitant for quite a while.

LB: Was it hard for you to tell people about your case?

FK: About my case? At that... the time that, on the first time that I lost in the Supreme Court, it was hard to talk about it. And the people that knew me, that I was involved in it, mostly Niseis, they turned their back on me. So no use talking to them about it, you know. They didn't want to talk about it and they didn't want anything to do with me, so that's the way it was. And so I left it that way.

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