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Title: Fred Korematsu - Kathryn Korematsu Interview
Narrators: Fred Korematsu, Kathryn Korematsu
Interviewers: Lorraine Bannai (primary); Tetsuden Kashima (secondary)
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: May 14, 1996
Densho ID: denshovh-kfred_g-01-0006

<Begin Segment 6>

LB: Can you tell me about your feelings on the day that, that Judge Marilyn Hall Patel issued her decision in the coram nobis case?

FK: Well, at first, Dale, Don and the rest of 'em, Peter, they didn't say that, "We're gonna win it." They didn't say, "We're gonna win it," or tell me, "Don't worry, we're gonna win." They didn't say anything about that, like that. They were concentrating on what... you know, the attorney, district attorney, Mr. Stone, was gonna do or what they were gonna say and things like that. And they, they were... they were concentrating on if there was any kind of suspicious movement there that may cause us to have problems in winning the case. And we were worried, you know, until the time that Marilyn Hall Patel announced what, you know, what happened, and then also that she vindicated my case. But until that last bit, until she said that, nobody knew what was gonna happen, and they didn't say anything like, you know, "We're gonna win," because, well, I guess they feared the worst. It could have possibly gone the other way. So until she announced it, we just didn't know. Did you? [Laughs]

LB: How did you feel after she announced her opinion?

FK: Well, everybody was jumping up and down, you know, and crying, and I, I didn't hear it. And I just thought, "That must mean that we won." So, and then I talked to Dale, "Yeah." [Laughs] So Dale says, "Yeah." [Laughs] And Peter said that we did win it.

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