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Title: Hiroshi Kashiwagi Interview
Narrator: Hiroshi Kashiwagi
Interviewer: Alice Ito
Location: Klamath Falls, Oregon
Date: July 3, 2004
Densho ID: denshovh-khiroshi-02-0028

<Begin Segment 28>

HK: So, and then I wrote another play called Betrayed, which is about the, 27, 28 question, and then the conflict of the two young people who fall in love, and because of the questions they fall out, and then they have forty years of life on their own and it didn't turn out too well, and they come together again and they work, try to work for the reparation.

AI: So when did you first start working on that play?

HK: Well, it started as a short play, and it was called Question of Loyalty, and it mainly dealt with the conflict of the, brought on by the two questions. But I wanted to develop it into a full, full play, so I was with a theater group, I think it was a theater group... anyway, where we would write a play, develop a play, and it was in that group, I think, that I, I really started to work on a full, full, more realized play.

AI: Would that have been maybe in the late '70s when the redress movement was really going strong?

HK: Yes, it was, I think, over. It was already past. But I...

AI: Then in the '80s, maybe.

HK: Yeah. It was in the early '80s, I think. But I didn't want to go into the, the actual passage of the, the law. And so that it's up to a point where they're working towards it, and we read the play, and I think it still works, although maybe I should do something a little bit more. [Laughs]

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