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Title: Hiroshi Kashiwagi Interview
Narrator: Hiroshi Kashiwagi
Interviewer: Alice Ito
Location: Klamath Falls, Oregon
Date: July 3, 2004
Densho ID: denshovh-khiroshi-02-0014

<Begin Segment 14>

AI: So you were in Arboga for several months, then.

HK: Couple months, I think. We went during May...

AI: And then, and then was it about August that you went to --

HK: Yeah, I think maybe it was earlier. We there a couple months. I'm not sure when we moved, I think it was July. And we looked forward to going to Tule, because we heard that they would have flush toilets. That was the most important thing. [Laughs] And indeed, they did have, but then there were no partitions at all.

AI: Well, so what about the trip? You were, you took the train.

HK: Yeah, we were taken to the train. I was the monitor of this one car.

AI: Oh, so what did you do as monitor?

HK: Well, actually, nothing. [Laughs] I had some sandwiches and supposedly lunch for the, for the passengers in that car, and then milk or something for the mothers with babies. And I passed those out, and that was it. And to see that no one was looking out the window. And it, if there was some complaint or something, then I would listen to them. But there was nothing. And, yeah, it was real easy.

AI: So, you didn't have any difficulties, then, on your trip to Tule Lake.

HK: Actually, yeah. Everyone was sitting there very grim-looking, and it was not a fun trip on this, on the hard wooden benches. But no, it was not, there's nothing special happened, you just came, and it was morning when we got here. And people today said that they didn't remember that it was in the morning, but I thought it was. Early in the morning. And then we got on this army truck and they took us into camp.

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