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Title: Fumiko Hayashida Interview
Narrator: Fumiko Hayashida
Interviewers: Lori Hoshino (primary), Alice Ito (secondary)
Location: Bainbridge Island, Washington
Date: March 16, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-hfumiko-01-0039

<Begin Segment 39>

LH: Now, many people might wonder, now what's -- the little girl in the photo is your daughter Natalie, who was eleven months old at the time -- a lot of people might wonder well what's happened to Natalie? And, what's she doing these days?

FH: Well, she, she graduated from Franklin. She did well in school all the time. She was graduated as one of the ten, top ten. Franklin. And, we... she went to UW, and graduated in business. But, when she, ever since, when he was, she was going to Franklin, she was going to be medical technician. So, she all she did was take the science subject. And most all, she didn't take any business. She had typing, and that's all. She went to night school, took the shorthand. Later, then she was going to be a science teacher. Then she went as a [Inaudible] then she says she went to the class and said, "My name is Miss Hayashida." She saw all these heads, and she said, "Oh no, this is not me." So she went... meanwhile she worked one year at the Japanese firm, Alaska Lumber Pulp, and she liked -- as a receptionist. And she liked it because you could meet lots of people, and she liked people, she liked to meet new friends. So, she decided well, she's gonna go, she was determined to get a degree, so she went back to university. Meanwhile she took, she didn't have shorthand to enter UW, so she went night class, took shorthand, then she went back to U and so she got a degree in business. Alaska Pulp didn't want her to leave, see, promised her raise so she'll stay but, no, she said she's gonna get a degree. So, then after she graduated, meanwhile she was working at UW too. And then, she worked at graduate's enrollment for UW. She just work one year. She got married and she was, he was from Texas. He's an A&M graduate. And, after he worked, he worked at Boeing for awhile, but, he wanted a federal job so, applied for Johnson Space. Got a job right away so, they moved to Texas. She lived in Houston for little while, but they, commuting into Houston was a half-hour commute. So, they bought a house, she's still living in that house.

LH: Now, but didn't you recently visit your daughter in Texas?

FH: She never did work, after that. Right now, she's one of the councilwomen, in a small city, anyway. She's having fun.

LH: So, she's the, she's the councilwoman in the city where's she's living?

FH: Uh-huh.

LH: I see. I see.

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