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Title: Fumiko Hayashida Interview
Narrator: Fumiko Hayashida
Interviewers: Lori Hoshino (primary), Alice Ito (secondary)
Location: Bainbridge Island, Washington
Date: March 16, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-hfumiko-01-0028

<Begin Segment 28>

LH: And at this time, what was your husband doing when, when you finally arrived at Minidoka? What was your husband doing?

FH: He went out to pick apples. 'Cause he was at the borderline, whether be drafted or -- is that thirty-three? Until you're thirty-three, or something? Oh, anyway -- they didn't go to pick potatoes but, I don't know, the menfolks went out to work, somewhere. Picking potato, or sugar beets, or...

LH: When you say that they went out the work, does that mean that they came home the same day?

FH; No, no, no, they had to stay at -- oh, I guess. My husband did stay out.

LH: So there was a separation?

FH: He'd come home once a week or so.

LH: I see. How did you keep in touch?

FH: When he went to Idaho to work sawmill, he wrote letters.

LH: Was there ever a time when you and your husband talked about the loyalty question that was, that people had to sign? And it was a questionnaire where, there was a particular question, 27 and 28, that people termed the "loyalty question"?

FH: Oh yes, I remember that.

LH: Do you remember, do you recall talking to your husband about that?

FH: That's "yes-no," huh?

LH: Right.

FH: I was surprised some of 'em did say "no." You're in prison already.

LH: What did your husband, do you recall anything that your husband said about that?

FH: I don't know what he wrote but, he must have said "yes" or otherwise, he'd be gone. [Laughs]

LH: Did you also have to sign the "loyalty question"?

FH: I remember seeing them. I think so... I remember seeing the form.

LH: In any case, how would you have answered? How did you, or how would you answer the questions, then?

FH: I think I'd answer for U.S. What can you say?

LH: Do you have any opinion about people that answered "no-no"?

FH; No. That's their business. I didn't think there was too many. I was surprised, so and so. I don't, nobody that I know of. But not too many, I don't think.

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