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Title: Tosh Yasutake Interview
Narrator: Tosh Yasutake
Interviewers: Alice Ito (primary), Tom Ikeda (secondary)
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: November 14, 2002
Densho ID: denshovh-ytosh-01-0042

<Begin Segment 42>

AI: Well, speaking about the impact of something like redress, kind of brings us up to the present and of course, after the September 11th attacks last year, 2001, there was, some people were, in the media were comparing that to Pearl Harbor attack.

TY: Oh, yeah, yeah.

AI: And also there was some backlash against people.

TY: Yeah. The reason I resent it on that was because of the backlash that obviously would have, they had. And I found that very upsetting that... no, the thing is, what actually surprised me was the backlash. I didn't think there would be that much of a backlash -- I kinda thought maybe there might be a little bit but it seemed like it was a lot more than I had thought there would be. And that was kinda disturbing, I thought. So there still is an undertone that something -- it's not completely gone. It's always there. The omnipresence and then something, some little thing happens and then it kinda flares up, and then it settles down, but it's there. It's never gone completely.

AI: So, after all this time it's --

TY: Well, I guess you can excuse that as a human nature, but I'm afraid that that is going to be the way it is. So, you have to accept it as such and, and deal with it accordingly when it does happen, I think. But, I think that in time we'll, like what happened to the Iranians, and they were thinking about putting them in camps. I've heard that they were building them. I don't know whether that was true or not. But it can happen again. And drop of a hat. It wouldn't take much to happen again. That's what is very disturbing, I think. And I guess we're gonna have to resign the fact that human nature being the way it is, it's gonna always be there and it's never gonna go away and we have to deal with it accordingly. And people were trying to get rid of it completely. I thing they're dreaming. I don't they're ever gonna do it. But you have to keep trying, I guess. But... we'll have to wait and see. Time will tell, I guess.

AI: Well, is there any other comment you'd like to make, or any other reflection or observation that we -- you've shared so much with us that we really appreciate it. Anything else you'd like to add?

TY: Well, no... I'd really like to thank you people for what you're doing. I think it's great. Legacy, I think, we'll go on because of you people, I think, and I wanna thank you for that. And I think my, sure that my brother and my sister feel the same way. You people are really contributing a lot to it and we want to thank you for that.

AI: Well, thank you very much.

TY: And you're doing such a fine job, too. Thank you very much.

AI: Thank you. Thanks.

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