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Title: Mitsuko Hashiguchi Interview
Narrator: Mitsuko Hashiguchi
Interviewer: James Arima
Location: Bellevue, Washington
Date: July 28, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-hmitsuko-01-0050

<Begin Segment 50>

JA: Now, you had two older sisters that you had never met in Japan, right?

MH: Yes, uh-huh.

JA: That were living with your grandparents.

MH: That's right, correct.

JA: What effect did this have on your parents?

MH: Oh, they were so worried, wondering what had happened, or anything happened, or you get concerned because there were no communication whatsoever with them, and there was no way of communicating with Japan at that time. So the only thing we can do is just sweat it out and hoping that we would hear from them eventually, which we did, after we got home. Because they knew our address all the time, the children did.

JA: So it was after returning from...

MH: Not right away.

JA: So this was after the war was ended before you heard anything.

MH: Oh, yes. I didn't hear anything until... oh, no, nothing, not a thing.

JA: But your mother had returned to Japan for the, for the wedding so she knew that they were married and had a family, too...

MH: And they were happy with the brothers that they were...

JA: So they had immediate family that would be caring for them, but they had no idea of what had happened.

MH: That's right. That's true.

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