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Title: Mitsuko Hashiguchi Interview
Narrator: Mitsuko Hashiguchi
Interviewer: James Arima
Location: Bellevue, Washington
Date: July 28, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-hmitsuko-01-0044

<Begin Segment 44>

JA: What were the facilities like at Tule Lake?

MH: At Tule Lake it was lot, lot better. They had board on the floor. They had boards on the floor so the bed does not sink to the ground or anything like that, no. And they had better tar and sidings on the building and everything else so it was cool when it's cool, in certain amount. So it was well-protected and everything else. And they have nice cafeterias built right in the middle of every block, is what they had. And then they had... so we can do all our recreation there and our dances or whatever, any parties you want to have was run right in the center of every block. And so my husband has to organize because he was the block manager of 58, so he had to organize dances and parties for the kids and everything and keep them all well-entertained and do things. So as long as we were there, he was manager of that block. So we had block managers from all over. Tacoma had one on 59 and things like that. And they selected different people that were willing to do that kind of a job, you know what I mean? Because it is a responsibility because you are responsible for everything coming and going, all blankets coming and going had to be taken care of, all mail, and just everything is under you with a secretary's help, is what it was.

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