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Title: Mitsuko Hashiguchi Interview
Narrator: Mitsuko Hashiguchi
Interviewer: James Arima
Location: Bellevue, Washington
Date: July 28, 1998
Densho ID: denshovh-hmitsuko-01-0025

<Begin Segment 25>

JA: In 1938, you were entered into the Honor Society for your scholastic achievements, and you made a trip to Seattle as part of that.

MH: Yes, I did.

JA: Could you tell us more about that?

MH: I had a little funny incident at that time. I went with the Honor Society group into Seattle and for some reason they searched me. I don't know why or what the reason was, but they searched me to see if I had anything that was like a camera or anything that I'm not supposed to have, I guess, so they did search me. And of course, I had a camera so they took that away from me temporarily before we got on the port there. It was a boat or something we were all going on and taking a little tour on the Sound. And so... but that was a little funny incident I had at that trip. But on the way back they gave it to me, and I don't know why or anything. I never questioned that, but I was the only Oriental with them at that time, so that was a little incident I'll never forget.

JA: Okay, but you became a member of the Honor Society in spite of your early morning chores.

MH: Yes. Well, I had to study at nights. I really studied at nights and sometimes I only had three hours of sleep during the day, because I had to get up early again and late at night. But I worked hard, really, really hard, hoping that I can make it.

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