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Title: Yasashi Ichikawa Interview II
Narrator: Yasashi Ichikawa
Interviewer: Tomoyo Yamada
Location: Portland, Oregon
Date: November 20, 1999
Densho ID: denshovh-iyasashi-02-0002

<Begin Segment 2>

[Translated from Japanese]

TY: I see. By the way, when I saw a yearbook of the Buddhist church the other day, there were some photos of social dances, a play and a party.

YI: Is that right?

TY: Someone explained to me about those photos. I understand the temple had some social activities.

YI: Uh-huh.

TY: Some fun activities. In addition, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts...

YI: Yeah, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts...

TY: Camp Fire and basketball...

YI: We had a kindergarten, too. It was where you have your office now.

TY: Yes. By the way, are there Boy Scouts in Japan? I mean, were there any in Japan? At Japanese temples?

YI: Yes, there are.

TY: Were there? A young people's group?

YI: They come over here when there is a convention.

TY: You mean they come here from Japan?

YI: Yes. The boys of our temples in Japan.

TY: Since a long time ago?

YI: The Boy Scouts.

TY: Has it been that way for a long time?

YI: Since the end of the war.

TY: I see. It started after the war. Then, it was an American side which started having Boy Scout meetings at the temples, wasn't it?

YI: There is a church called Senrei Church. It's a Baptist church. They started a Boy Scout group quite early. Then a man came to us to suggest that our temple start a group, too. He registered his son and the group started right away.

TY: I also found that you had a Camp Fire group and a drill team. What are the Camp Fire Girls?

YI: Oh, that's right. We had a Camp Fire group.

TY: What kind of organization is it? What are the Camp Fire Girls?

YI: I don't know much about it since I didn't stay long after it started. I wonder if they still have a Camp Fire group. Is there one?

TY: So I see your temple had many activities for the children. Was it for the second generation as they grew older?

YI: In those days, they were still... when I came, some of the second generation were still small children.

TY: Then they were meant for the children...

YI: They went to a "Ureshiya Camp" during summer. It was next to a river in the Tacoma area. My children, including Satoru, went to the camp. They camped. Boy Scouts. No, Cub Scouts. For little kids.

TY: Then a social dance party was for the adults...

YI: That was at the end of the party. They didn't just hold a dance party. They danced at the end of the party.

TY: Then, just like the Baptist church had a Boy Scouts group...

YI: Yes, Senrei Church was there well before us.

TY: Was there any resistance to starting a Christian-promoted organization, an organization which Christians were spreading?

YI: I guess the Christians started those organizations. By the way, Koyasan in Los Angeles started the organization quite early.

TY: No resistance from the temple members?

YI: I think not.

TY: None.

YI: What about from the members?

TY: Resistance. Did anybody resent that it was a Christian organization?

YI: No. No. Not at all. That was a national organization, you know.

TY: "For the Sake of the Children?"

YI: Uh-huh. It has nothing to do with our church.

TY: I see. So how were you involved in this?

YI: Yes?

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