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Title: Gene Akutsu Interview
Narrator: Gene Akutsu
Interviewers: Larry Hashima (primary), Stephen Fugita (secondary)
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: July 25, 1997
Densho ID: denshovh-agene-01-0035

<Begin Segment 35>

LH: Now you were also, I mean, you mentioned that you had, rather than becoming an expatriate, sort of applying under, being an expatriate, you had become a repatriate. Did you really discuss, did your family discuss the idea of returning to Japan or being repatriated to Japan?

GA: No, the first and only thought was the family to get together. And looking at the vocabulary, I mean, dictionary, to differentiate between expatriate and repatriate. And there was a difference so we decided to, since they're treating us like a Japanese national, "Well I guess we'd better put down repatriate." It didn't say on the form but I stressed that, we all stressed that this is repatriation, not expatriate. "I'm not forsaking my country going to enemy country, but as a Japanese citizen, which you had made me, I've gotta repatriate in order to get together with my parents." And that's the attitude I took. I had, rather.

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