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Title: Gene Akutsu Interview
Narrator: Gene Akutsu
Interviewers: Larry Hashima (primary), Stephen Fugita (secondary)
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: July 25, 1997
Densho ID: denshovh-agene-01-0019

<Begin Segment 19>

SF: I've heard some people use the term "stop order" since your brother might have been seen by the administration as a troublemaker. Was your family under a stop order and what did that mean?

GA: Well, that meant that -- yes, my family was on stop order permanently during the, during the incarceration -- and that meant that we couldn't go out to, whereas many of the people were going out to go out to the farm to get some expense, earn some expense, we were held back in camp. I only remember going out once and that was the time getting ready for my graduation. I didn't have anything to wear so with the class, the graduating class we went to Twin Falls and I got myself a sport coat and that was the one and only time that I went out of camp and we all checked in, of course, checked out and checked in. So other than that, we never got out. We had wanted to relocate into Utah, a friend of ours had been working at a sugar beet farm I believe it was, and made an application and promptly turned down so we kind of gave that up. So anyway, getting back to what we were talking about? The trials...

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