Densho Digital Repository
Alameda Japanese American History Project Collection
Title: Kenneth Narahara Interview
Narrator: Kenneth Narahara
Interviewer: Jo Takeda
Location: Alameda, California
Date: November 5, 2021
Densho ID: ddr-ajah-1-2-11

<Begin Segment 11>

JT: Did your folks talk about that a lot, pride in doing your best and things like that?

KN: No, they just, I guess you learn, because Mom did the best she could.

JT: You learn by role model, watching?

KN: Yeah. Because you think my mom, thirty-two, that's when the children were born, she had to take care of all of us and go into the camp with Grandma and everything, she had to start a whole life.

JT: They had it rough.

KN: Yeah. And then she went into, she got out and she went to work at the naval air station. That was a good thing, and she had, what twenty years of service there? So we had a lot to be proud of.

JT: You do, and your parents worked hard?

KN: They worked hard.

JT: Did you ever talk to them about that, about how, realizing how hard they worked? Kodomo no tame ni?

KN: No.

JT: You didn't?

KN: They always told me you'd better work hard, you'd better do this, you'd better do that. It was always the other way.

JT: Did they tell you why?

KN: No.

JT: You just knew that you had to do...

KN: Just following their ways. But now that you get older and think of all the things that they've done, you appreciate them much more. Now I understand. You brought out a lot of stuff that I never thought of. Of course, I'm in a world by myself, too, and now the whole world is, too.

JT: Well, so much has changed.

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