Kay Yatabe Interview Segment 1

Father's family background (ddr-ajah-1-9-1) - 0:04:32
Mother's family background (ddr-ajah-1-9-2) - 0:10:37
Description of parents and their families when World War II broke out (ddr-ajah-1-9-3) - 0:07:11
Father's family's preparations for mass removal (ddr-ajah-1-9-4) - 0:04:38
Parents' families' experiences in Topaz (ddr-ajah-1-9-5) - 0:04:44
Father's military service in Japan (ddr-ajah-1-9-6) - 0:03:52
Mother's resettlement after camp (ddr-ajah-1-9-7) - 0:03:57
Parents' marriage after camp (ddr-ajah-1-9-8) - 0:02:28
Description of siblings, growing up in Berkeley (ddr-ajah-1-9-9) - 0:07:38
Attending church during childhood (ddr-ajah-1-9-10) - 0:06:06
Attending K-12 school (ddr-ajah-1-9-11) - 0:09:22
Memories of childhood (ddr-ajah-1-9-12) - 0:06:55
Hobbies and interests while growing up (ddr-ajah-1-9-13) - 0:05:19
Graduating from high school (ddr-ajah-1-9-14) - 0:03:22
Working and socializing while attending UC Berkeley (ddr-ajah-1-9-15) - 0:07:36
Becoming involved in political movements while in college (ddr-ajah-1-9-16) - 0:06:31
Exposure to political activism during the Civil Rights Movement (ddr-ajah-1-9-17) - 0:08:50
Moving to San Francisco and enrolling in medical school (ddr-ajah-1-9-18) - 0:08:44
Working various jobs while staying politically active (ddr-ajah-1-9-19) - 0:06:25
Working in community health (ddr-ajah-1-9-20) - 0:04:52
Moving to New York and studying art (ddr-ajah-1-9-21) - 0:05:25
Returning to San Francisco and working at a health center (ddr-ajah-1-9-22) - 0:03:58
Forming the Sansei Legacy Project (ddr-ajah-1-9-23) - 0:12:03
Helping atomic bomb survivors (ddr-ajah-1-9-24) - 0:12:05
Meeting Nobu Miyoshi (ddr-ajah-1-9-25) - 0:04:27
Attending a Topaz pilgrimage with parents (ddr-ajah-1-9-26) - 0:11:35
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Father's family background

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Courtesy of Densho

Alameda Japanese American History Project
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Kay Yatabe

Kay Yatabe Interview

2:56:51 — 26 segments


El Cerrito, California

Sansei female. Born April 16, 1948 in Berkeley, California. During World War II, parents were incarcerated at the Tanforan Assembly Center, California, and the Topaz concentration camp, Utah. After the war, the family returned to the Bay Area, and Kay grew up in El Cerrito, California, where parents ran a shoe repair shop. Attended UC Berkeley and entered the medical profession. Helped to form the Sansei Legacy Project in the Bay Area.

Patricia Wakida, interviewer; Brad Shirakawa, videographer

Alameda Japanese American History Project

Courtesy of the Alameda Japanese American History Project