Seattle Chapter, JACL Reporter, Vol. XVI, No. 11, November 1979

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Seattle Chapter JACL
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Seattle JACL Newsletter Collection

Newsletter covering the following topics: Board meeting to discuss direction for Seattle JACL redress direction. A large turnout is requested; Camp Harmony monument delayed for lack of funding; Press Conference for ?Day of Remembrance? Postponement of Pilgrimage??Japanese Americans in Idaho fear white backlash, say ?Day of Remembrance: at Minidoka by former concentration camp internees will ?embarrass? lifelong non-internees.? E283?Pressure from Idaho Japanese Americans and national Japanese American Citizens League forces postponement of pilgrimage planned for Oct. 13;" Ruthann Kurose, aide to Cong Mike Lowry explains his bill for direct redress payments ($15,000 = $15/day).

Nov. 1979




Courtesy of the University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections, Japanese American Citizens League, Seattle Chapter Records Collection, #0500