Seattle Chapter, JACL Reporter, Vol. III, No. 1, January 1966

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Seattle Chapter JACL
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Seattle JACL Newsletter Collection

Newsletter covering the following topics: Youth Group news, prep for 1966 National convention; Alien Land Law, Chairs Toru Sakahara & Jim Matsuoka, Committee (Tak Kubota, Phil Hayasaka, Dick Ishikawa, & Terrance Toda) meet nightly. Budget approved for $30,000; Phil Hayasaka Committee; Human Relations Committee; face-to-face meetings; KCTS series on Seattle POC groups; debunking Nisei ?Bootstrap Mentality;" Why Orientals should be involved in the civil rights movement; calendar 12 JACL items in January 9 JACL items in February.

Jan. 1966




Courtesy of the University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections, Japanese American Citizens League, Seattle Chapter Records Collection, #0449