Pacific Citizen, Vol. 99, No. 25 (December 21-28, 1984)

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The Pacific Citizen
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Pacific Citizen 1984 Collection

Special Holiday issue. Section A is pages 1-48. Section B is pages 49-80. Section 3 is pages 81-128. Selected article titles: "Grodzins: Justice Dept. Idea" (p. 5), "DeWitt: Kibei movement" (p. 14), "Daniels: 'Right-Wing'" (p. 14), "Different Stores of the Kibei" (p. 15), "WRA Statistics" (p. 22), "SSS: Monograph #10" (p. 27), "Drops of Water" (p. 49), "JACL: Korematsu Brief" (p. 76), "Oda: Inside Manzanar" (p. 77), "The Kibei Psyche" (p. 77), "From Aloha to Sayonara, Thanks for the Memories...." (p. 81), "The Strange Case of Katsu Goto" (p. 81), "Report from the Pacific Southwest" (p. 85), "Matsutake" (p. 108), "'Rest in Peace, for the error shall not be repeated.'" (p. 110), "Operation Magic" (p. 116).

The holiday issue included advertisements bought by JACL members and chapters that included personal addresses and phone numbers to better foster communications between Japanese American communities. These addresses and phone numbers have been redacted to help protect the privacy of Japanese American communities.

December 21, 1984


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Pacific Citizen

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