Pacific Citizen, Vol. 70, No. 13 (April 3, 1970)

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The Pacific Citizen
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Pacific Citizen 1970 Collection

Selected article titles: "Friends to establish Masaoka trust fund" (p. 1), "Earl Warren speaks out on Title II" (p. 1), "History of the Japanese in Utah placed in archives of state society" (p. 1), "Reno Nisei candidate in recall petition of three councilmen" (p. 1), "School integration resolution offered" (p. 1), "Court rules on literacy test for Cal. voters" (p. 3), "Linguist sees end to use of Nihongo in Hawaii in 40 yrs." (p. 3), "San Francisco's Chinese students ask court for aid" (p. 3), "Racism in military aired" (p. 3), "JACL coordinating HR 14910 push" (p. 4), "Asian Studies - About Time" (p. 4).

April 3, 1970



Pacific Citizen

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