Pacific Citizen, Vol. 67, No. 22 (November 29, 1968)

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The Pacific Citizen
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Pacific Citizen 1968 Collection

Selected article titles: "Issei wonders about justice, waits over year for day in court" (p. 1), "Chicago JAB statement of policy on police OK'd" (p. 1), "Nation's sense of values opened for critical look at CCDC confab" (p. 1), "Racial innuendo charged in Wash. log issue debates" (p. 1), "Tsukemono, shoyu, sake in huge amounts lead to stomach cancer" (p. 3), "Joint Action Board: activists for civil rights" (p. 4), "There's no need for the hyphens among Americans" (p. 6).

November 29, 1968




Courtesy of the Pacific Citizen