Pacific Citizen, Vol. 44, No. 22 (May 31, 1957)

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The Pacific Citizen
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Pacific Citizen 1957 Collection

Select article titles: "House Approves Supplemental Appropriations Bill to Pay 1,300 Claimants over $1,600,000 By Summer" (p. 1); "YWCA director who befriended Japanese in Salt Lake during war years to retire" (p. 1); "Renunciants urged to file Form N-576 as soon as possible to secure administrative review of validity of own action" (p. 1); "Appeal Made to Withdraw FEPC Bill by Senate" (p. 3); "Nisei jazz drummer to cut LP record" (p. 3); "Sonoma County JACL bowling title decided by one pin in championship roll-off" (p. 4); "Long Beach C.L. Plans Fete for Grads 1000-ers" (p. 5); "Intricate artistry of carver on small bits of ivory, wood appleas to N.Y. CLer" (p. 5); "10 records bettered at Kezar Stadium in JACL Olympics" (p. 6); "JACL Campaign Against Improper Films on TV Cited by U.S. Official" (p. 8); "'Best actor of season' award won by Nisei for Sakini" (p. 8); "1956 FBI reports show Chinese, Japanese Americans with minimum crime counts" (p.8); "Denver pioneer gets Japan decoration" (p. 8); "Two Nisei pass Calif. state bar examinations" (p. 8).





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